World of Tanks Review


 " World of Tanks is Fun, Addictive & Free! "

World of Tank is a MMORPG game which has 65 millions players around the world. It is a first person shooter game likes Battlefield/ Call of Duty but using a TANK. The good thing is that it is free-to-play game but there is plenty of way for you to spend the money to get its premium features. However, paying money is not necessary; you can play till the top tier without spending a single cent.

This game is all about fighting and blowing other tanks in World War 2 scenario. It has all the tanks and equipments that were available in 20th century era. There are a large number of tanks with different specifications: light, medium, heavy, and so on. It offers roughly 240 different tanks from various countries including Russian, Germany, America, French & etc. You can choose your tanks and other equipments as per your strategy and preferences.

Each game is short, last only 5 - 15 minutes, and using easy control just likes other online shooting game, WASD keyboard key for movement and mouse to aim and fire.

World of Tanks is different than other shooter game as you won’t be repeatedly dying at the hands of experienced players, when you enter the game, the server will match you into a battle with the players who has comparable tank than your own.

One of the great things about World of Tanks is that even if you find a favorite tank and stick with it, you're never quite sure how your next battle is going to play out. Not only are maps randomly selected from a sizable and varied collection, but you might find that your tank is the most powerful on the field in one game and then among the weakest in the next. What you never find, though, is that one team obviously outclasses the other--at least not where the quality of their vehicles is concerned.


Other Reviews

"World of Tanks is a great, accessible shooter that you'll probably end up spending some money on even though you don't have to. "

"Fun, free and full of highly dangerous machinery."

"Historically accurate tanks of American, French, German, British, Soviet, and Chinese design. Easy to learn, simple gameplay."


The Good

1. Easy to learn and play but has plenty of depth

2. Lots of vehicles choices, and upgrades to unlock and experiment with

3. No two battles ever play out the same way

4. Free to play without spending any money

The Bad

1. A bit repetitive

2. Need to pay for premium items to gain advantage in battle